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March 20, 2007


Sam Huleatt

You are most welcome my friend!

Thanks for your comments!


florence meichel

Hello Steli

Thanks for this post !
It's my pleasure to contribute to this blog with all your supercool school friends !
bye ! :-)


Thanks you Steli! =)


Heii Steli cool pal. Thank for the inclusion - really appreciate it.

Mihaela Lica

Thank you for including me on the list, Steli. :) I am glad to be able to help you and I really hope you'll make this project a success. As a matter of fact, I am sure you will. You already have the greatest bloggers I know on your side, and each of every other "voice" here matters! Keep up the good work! You can always count on my help, but you already know that!


Ditto. looking forward seeing and to becoming involved with a groovy project.
"Aim for eagle, bag a pheasant, never eat crow"


Hey! Once again, thanks for pay me a link, really appreciated.


hello there! good to find you!

as long as you pay me for the photo, as it does have copyrights...
just kidding.

thank you for mentioning me. i am flattered.
and i will say that you picked one of my very personal favorite photos that i have ever taken. : )

keep on keepin' it real.

Steli Efti

I said it once, I say it again - you guyz rock! Thankx for being so supercool and for all the love´n´support!


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