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March 21, 2007


Mihaela Lica

Sure you are successful! Look how many supporters you have for your project!
And what a great entry! Kudos to you too! It's not so easy to admit our fears...


Is this a meme? It is.. isn't it! :)

Well.. like I always say, the secret to success isn't actually a secret. Everyone knows content is king! I already posted how my content was successful.


If you are not successful despite your great content, then perhaps your blog needs some recognition.


I hope this was helpful. I would have blogged about this hadn't I already said what I wanted to say. Really..


Hi Steli,

I have made a post for Addicted to Growth at http://onepowerfulword.blogspot.com/2007/03/addicted-to-growth.html

I enjoyed writing it...i soo agrree with the question you ask....life is about confronting our fears..only then can we grow


florence meichel

Hello Steli,

My driving force behind my motivation is my feelings !...all kind of feelings : love, anger, fear, doubt...etc...i'm open to my feelings : that's the most important life lesson that i've learned to make success !

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