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March 31, 2007


Steli Efti

Hi TONNET, thankx for your participation :) I couldn´t agree more with what you said. Can you tell us on your personal
experience where you felt the impact of social networks the most? How do you use social networks to learn?


Thanks for having me Steli.
As D. Richarson said once, I like to quote him: I've learned before, even after going College as I've learned since I started my own personal blog.

I've met important personalities, you're one of them. I get to know a lot of issues before out of reach for TonNet and of course the conductual transformation you experienced after knowing or learning something which is not precisley in the curriculum.

Everything is social now, for those who enjoy of an Internet connection. Not everyone is entitled though. Changes in the internet will impact that way of learning. Sure it will.

Steli Efti

Thankx TONNET :) do you have a idea how schools and universities could use the social web in a better way?


Hi Tonnet,

I believe that the internet is best thing that could happen for education. What could people do to learn better over the internet and what should online education provider prepare students that they adopt them more?


Hard to answer Steli. Is this segment of sudents body what is the most affected by socialnetworks. There is not way to implement reliable changes because when you've just started a project those younsters already jumped in another and they will keep doing it at the very same speed the knowledge changes. So, hard to figure it out. One thing is for sure, give them something new and make it social and they will forget about e-mails, videoconferences, vbblogs and will get anything that is short and quick in terms of their own necesities.


I have learned a great deal from other bloggers some of which I have come into contact with through social networks and discussion forums. The learning process is lifelong and best at least for me through practical learning outside of the classroom.


I think the problem occurs when you want to enter a specific professional field such as a biologist, doctor, lawyer...
There is currently no way to get recognition that you have the basic skills to get accepted with the "paper". Their needs to be an internship type program that couples practical experience with basic knowledge that can be measured through a probation period. Still thinking on it. :)


sorry SB without the "paper" typed too fast.


Halil, that's a challenge and I think Steli has just started it out. Why? Because the so quick evolution of knowledge parameters, abundant information, aistematic collection of data. All of this requires deep research and systematic testing before we can say delicious works, the tags are reliable, the blogs are the tools. Nobody at this point can say that and I am afraid we still have a long way to go.

florence meichel


There in an interesting text about the impact of Social Media on Higher Education here !

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