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March 16, 2007


digital nomad

Everyone needs a manifesto. Check out mine.

I did not write it. Check out Bastiat University link on my blog, too.

Jonathan-C. Phillips

Excellent idea! education age is where we're going! with all the free information out there it's time for a change!

Great work bro! keep it up! :)


I think it is cool. Simply cool.

Erek Ostrowski

Excellent! I'm interested in hearing more about what YOU have to say. At this stage of the game, my advice would be not to worry too much about your ego. In fact, your willingness to publicly risk yourself by articulating your vision will keep your ego in check for now. You need to lay down some more ground work for others to work off of. Don't be afraid to be brilliant and inspire other people. A good warning sign that your ego is over-involved is if you find yourself attached to a particular outcome, or suppressing other people's ideas in order to produce a specific result. I look forward to reading more!


Eric CYS

Congras on your work, Steli Efti!

It's nice to see that you are also put up as a Candidate for ChangeThis.

I'm Eric and I am the author of "Outerheavens Heroes manifesto", my proposal is also posted up on the website.

Steli, I do find your works very interesting on the subject of education. I have a feeling that we are both on a similar track on education except mine is more focused on Renewable Energy to help resolve the Global Warming Issue.

It will really be a honour for me if we could work on a project together which combines both ideas into one if fate would permit. :)

Here's the link to my blog,


All the best and keep up the good work Steli!

Best Regards,


I work for Guy Kawasaki. Thanks for the link to his blog!


BFuniv rector

I'm looking forward to seeing what you can produce. Your ideas are good, your manifesto should be both provocative and welcomed by most thinking educators.

One of the areas we will be addressing at BFU is building community - I hope to get some ideas from you.

May you discover the best in your life.

florence meichel

Hi stelli,

Strange : in the beginning of the year, i wrote something about ma perception of a real big change in learning approch on a famous french blog : (http://pisani.blog.lemonde.fr/2007/01/17/vos-previsions-pour-2007-et-mes-invitations-a-cafetransnets/

In particulary, i said : "I really believe that a new culture is growing, a culture of a global learning-networks...and this new approch is changing a lot our relationship , with each and the other, with each and the knowledge, with each and the authority and politic power!"

Great, in french, we say : "les grands esprits se rencontrent" wich means : the great minds are meeting ! :-)

I think that i'm now participating in the most fantastic human aventure !

But there are a lot resistances to the growinf of the education age : we have to work a lot, to coach and to convince !

Much power to you Steli

florence meichel

Correction : in fact, the best translation would be "the great ideas are meeting" :-) !

Steli Efti

First of all I want to thank everyone for voting!!! You guyz rock!!!

@digital nomad: I´ll have a deeper look at Bastiat University soon. It sounds interesting!

@Jonathan: Thankx so much for your support! I´ll give my all to help this change happen!

@dio: you´re supercool too bro!

@Erek: killer advice bro! I really appreciate your support! We keep in touch!

@Eric: I voted for your proposal bro ;) Thankx for your kind words - I´m looking forward to get to know you better!

@Mary-Louise: it´s my pleasure!

@BFuniv rector: Thankx you! I hope both project will be able to learn from each other for the benefit of the good cause! Let´s keep in touch!

@florence: "the great ideas are meeting!" :) I like that! Yeah, I believe we all have to work together to make the "Education Age" come true! You are really a supercool supporter florence :) Rock on!

Eric Chua YS

Hi Broz, voted for you too ;) All the best!

Steli Efti

Hi Eric, thankx! I´m looking forward to your manifesto! Keep on rockin

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