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March 26, 2007



Focus is a very important aspect of productivity.

But, don't lose the links, they are not the devil's work. Try right clicking and opening in a new tab, but stay on your current reading. There are so many things that I would love to read at a later time (potential posts), but if I don't open them in a new tab (for reading later), I could loose the thought process that got me there in the first place.

The latest browsers, Firefox, IE 7 and Opera all lend themselves to attention deficit disorder. You just have to learn to control the urges.

I was looking into three other things when my reader let me know there was a new post on one of my subscriptions. We all fall into this.

Good Luck!


Hi Steli you are speaking true words man.
My biggest "online fet maker", beside nr. 1-6 of your post :-) is that I have even not started my blog.

Supercool post very digg.ble :-)


Everytime I get an email notification I need to check my email. I reduced this by having a priority email account that Customers or important peeps get. Everything else goes to an account that I check in the morning, and at night.
Writing down daily work goals is also a great way to help stay focused. Then having scheduled times to do all those activities. From 830am to 9am I am blogging...at 9am I switch to client work.


I'm a freelance writer. Two big problems I have:
1. Friends and family think that I have all the time in the world because I'm home.
2. The thrill of the chase: I spend a lot of time looking at job postings when I really don't need them.


That was really useful info, but regarding checking mails only twice a day....I'm having doubt with that...:-)

Steli Efti

pittfall: thankx bro! And yes...links are not the devil´s work...but maybe the devil´s toys sometimes ;) Rock on bro!

Halil: thankx my friend - we´ll have to keep an eye on us...

PixelHead: thankx for sharing your distraction killing techniques bro - cool stuff

Tammi: I know exactly what you´re talkin about! The best thing I did was to buy a lock for my door - when I´m working the door is closed and locked. Hard but effective ;)

Nirmal: I admit I´m not quite there yet! Reduced it from 70x to something like 6x a day...but I´m still working on that :)

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I have no online productivity at all. Like you i read check my inbox too often.

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Me too, it's a SAD diet!


Great Post. This post has given me a lot to think about as well..

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