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April 11, 2007



Hello Steli, I have just voted for your ebook. Great job. Keep it uP


interesting, how did you come to these conclusions and are they based off a us education (public) system?

Steli Efti

@Lansy: Thankx for the kind words :) I will!

@clau: I came to these conclusions from my own experiences as well as from many many conversations with people around the world about the public school system. It´s what I believe in - what are your experiences?


I have voted for it. Good work, keep going!


I really was touched by this: "Satisfaction is a paralyzing poison"
This is ver interesting. Thanks for calling it to my attention.

Brown Baron

Nicely said! Keep up the great work buddy.


"To catch butterflies, grow caterpillars!"

The butterfly metaphor has always been of great motivation to me, magnificent!

Steli, would be ok if I write about your intuitive ebook tomorrow with the 7 headings and one phrase from each that spoke to me? I believe these are messages everyone must absolutely hear and implement in their lives!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

florence meichel

Hey Steli,

It's nice to read your ebook : I agree on your life lessons...it's good te feel less lonely ! :-)

I think that public school, unfortunately, are becomed more power areas than learning areas : adults want to keep control on young people...a lot of teachers don't care about their students growing ! Their only goals are their own career and comfort : it's generating a lot of frustations and violence : we're all responsable of this situation...but we have the power to change it too !
Let's try it !

florence meichel

Good version : sorry :-)

Hey Steli,

It's nice to read your ebook : I agree on your life lessons...it's good to feel less lonely ! :-)

I think that public school system, unfortunately, is becomed more a power area than a learning area : adults want to keep control on young people...a lot of teachers don't care about their students growth ! Their only goals are their own career and comfort : it's generating a lot of frustations and violence : we're all responsable of this situation...but we have the power to change it too !
Let's try it !

Steli Efti

@Nirmal: thank you so much buddy! Much power!

@Carol: hehe...satisfaction isn´t dangerous in small dose. So you can feel satisfied hundreds of times a day and everything is fine. But staying in this state for longer about a particular thing is poisoning progress. That´s a hard truth!

@Brown Baron: thankx buddy - I will :)

@Tisha: of course girl! The more people rethink about what they have to unlearn in life to move forward - the better! Thankx for your support - you rock!

@Florence: as always you´re 100% right: let´s go to work and make some possitive changes in education - together!

@all - it´s unbelievable but we are No.1 in the Scribd Charts today :) thankx to all of you who voted and contributed with comments here - you are supercool people!


Downloaded, voted, and dugg!

Steli Efti

hey ilker! Always a pleasure to have you on this blog bro! Thankx for your support!

Steli Efti

IMPORTANT: This Ebook is still under construction! Your feedback, comments and suggestions will help me improve it and publish a second version next month! SO THANKX TO ALL OF YOU WHO EMAIL ME OR COMMENT HERE TO SPEAK UP THEIR MIND!!!


I voted and have read most of it.

I like people that think this way, which is why i will support just about anything you do.

I will read the whole thing before i make any suggestions.

Steli Efti

Hi Jimi :) just wanted to say THANKX for your continuous support buddy! I´m looking forward to your suggestions! Rock on! Steli


They're a pretty rowdy bunch! Gave some great feedback though and some even posted about it on their own blogs, excellent dude!

Steli Efti

Tisha it´s soo cool that you & your commmunity joined the conversation about the 7Lessons! Much power to all supercool people!

Mihaela Lica

J, Steli! Where did you go to school? That's stunnig! But I have to tell you it was not the same for all of us! I am an education advocate and I am "pro traditional school" if you want. My experience was great. I think we should really make a difference and discuss what is really wrong with the modern education system before denying some of its genuine values. Nothing is perfect, you know... but to deny it completely?! Common!

Steli Efti

Hey Mihaela :) I went to school in Greece & Germany. I think my experiences with the traditional school system are pretty oridnary. I don´t say that everything is bad - the people aren´t for sure. Most teachers & pupils do their best but the system is absolutely broken. Show me one school where the students really get everything they need to grow and prosper as personalities and I show you 100 that don´t. And that´s a big problem. I don´t believe in small changes over time and reforms - I believe in "jumping to the next curve" and revolutionary change. The time is ripe. It isn´t perfect today and it never will - I agree with you 100%. But it can be so much better and it has to be - at least if we want a better future for our children. Don´t you think?

Mihaela Lica

I think you are right, but it's not entirely the fault of the teachers and we should try to encourage educators to join the supercool school. In my experience the ones to blame are the ones who create the educational plans. Someone said that they focus on their own win and nothing else. Sad, but true. Other educators don't care about their students, but about their own glory. That's also true.

But... you are a SOB. And you've got that award from a teacher! That means at least one teacher sees your idea as great, motivational and unique.

Let's focus on the real problems and generalize less. If my mom - and she is a teacher too - would read your ebook, she'd feel hurt and helpless. She is one of those inspirational persons, like Liz. And so are many teachers who could bring an important contribution to this project.

Critique, in this stage of the project, brings a shadow on the purpose and can be easily misunderstood. Your ebook, although to the point and well elaborated, is quite negative. I have to tell you that I went to school in Romania and that was a great experience. Teachers encouraged our creativity, we always came up with new ideas and they kept an open mind, supporting us all the way.

Times have changed; the educational system copies the European system now…somehow that joy of learning is lost… Indeed. You are younger than me. That explains why you had such a negative experience.

I say we should try to bring the joy of learning back in our lives and be a positive inspiration for all.

Steli Efti

Mihaela, as I said I do NOT blame the people ( teachers AND students) - I blame the system! But a system can only work because of the people in the system - and I believe we ALL could do more in terms of improving our education system. Nothing wrong with that.

I´m not quite sure if the Ebook is negative - I like "progressive" more..hehe ;)

But the point is WE DO have to bring the joy of learning back to the people - that´s what I call a new learning lifestyle!

And everyone is invited to live it with us ( I know you already do :) because education is a terrible thing to waste!

Mihaela Lica

Yeah :) We rock! I have a question for you though: how do you plan to change the people who make the system? Or should we not even try? Should we simply eliminate/ignore them?

Steli Efti

Indeem we do :)

About the system makers - I hope they ignore us ( and we will ignore them).

Any system as big as the education system won´t let changes happen easily ( I would go so far and say they will fight every change as good as they can - and that´s damn good because they´re powerful). It´s the nature of a system to protect itself ( not only the system makers - everyone in the system tends to defend it).

So what we can do is hope they´ll ignore us because we are small und unimportant right now.

If they make this mistake ( which I am pretty confident they will) it´s up to us to built enough momentum so that the movement can´t be stopped easily after the giant has awaken.

Almost every time in history when a large system was revolutionized - it happened this way.

The most important thing for us is to grow our MOMENTUM. And to have fun :)

Much power to all supercool people!

Steli Efti, Education Revolutionary

P.S. Are you happy now Mihaela? You really put me into my revolutionary state with your question..hahaha ;)

Mihaela Lica

Happy indeed. I'll need to tame your spirits somehow... Right now I am on my way to send a card to that little boy. In the meanwhile, you have all my love.

Steli Efti

He is such a lucky kid to get a birthday card from so many great people. And he deserves it! Much power to you! Steli

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