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April 11, 2007



Thank yo for the reply, Steli...harnessing a great teacher to inspire takes time, commitment and nurture. The same goes for a student. My personal experience was that I made the best of every possible resource I had and public school had many and, like life, many distractions that peers fell into. It made me mad to see this haze of ambivalence around many people. Thank you fort he reply and I will add you to my reader, glad to be part of a thriving community. --clau

Steli Efti

We´re glad to have you clau :) Rock on! Steli

Karen Dempster

Ha - the intuition one is excellent. My lesson learned at school was because I think differently, and connect everything in ways that others don't believe can be achieved,I was obviously foolish and learned to shut up. Now, and throughout my career, this is how I make clients and individuals achieve success. Go figure dumb system makers. Best regards to you all! Karen D


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Thank you.

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