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April 09, 2007


Mihaela Lica

Thank you for the tag, Steli! I'll try to write a "supercool" entry to match this supercool tag and your supercool dream!


Thanks for the entry. We are now a step closer to creating the master post" 101 ways to create original posts" :). I loved the idea of virtual blog event. That is something new which i havent tried.

Steli Efti

@Mihaela: hehehe...I know you will rock! Can´t wait to read your supercool post!

@basketer: thankx. You gotta try it out - it´s some work but well worth it :)

Mihaela Lica

My entry is up, Steli. Sorry it took so long.

Max Kaizen

It's all in your title! thank you for the tag supercoolSteli >>

Steli Efti

@Mihaela: It was well worth to wait - your entry is original as only you can be ;)

@Max: thankx for you comment girl :)


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