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April 14, 2007


More Than This

Voted for your manifesto. Congratulations! It looks like it has the most votes!

This country needs to place education on the front of social and political agendas. Otherwise, the current Brain Drain the country is seeing will continue, and there will be an influx of un-educated workers, while wonderful minds will look elsewhere. Many of my college friends from California moved to Europe and Asia due to great educational and research opportunities, and so will I...

Educate the children that are here, and open up visas for brilliant minds from all over the world to come and make this a great country.

Great work you do...

Steli Efti

Hey More Than This! Thankx for the love & support! Rom is a great place to be - wishya much power there! Steli

Christopher Smith

ood luck with your manifesto.

A major issue that I see is that the current system creates artificial barriers to entry that keep people out of the system who would make good teachers. I have a few colleagues who have spent careers in the oil industry as geophysicists and reservoir engineers who had aspirations of going into teaching to teach math and science after retiring. The bureaucracy and red tape were incredible. Things are set up specifically to keep smart, experienced people out of the classroom.

Good luck!

Steli Efti

Hi Christopher! I do agree 100% with what you´re saying. I can´t believe how many smart and skillful people do not have any chance to share their wisdom with others who seek to learn more and grow as personalities.

That´s what Supercool School is all about. Bringing those two groups together and making a difference in their lifes!

Much power!

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