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April 18, 2007


Erika, Plain Jane Mom

I'm surprised and saddened that you've been getting hate mail. There's room for everyone to commemorate this event in many different ways. Thanks so much for linking over to mine.

florence meichel


Don't feel guilty !...we have all the choice to support onedayblogsilence or not and we are totally responsable for this choice...It's our own decision and we're really engaged in this action because we think it's a good one too !

We want to continue with you ! :-)


Liz Strauss

Silence matters. And the people who don't blog will find out how hard it is not to talk for a day. Not a word. Not a comment. Only the sound of out wondering what others are thinking. . . .

Steli Efti


thank you for your nice words and thank you for your post. There are so many who only complained. You did something.


your support is such a great help. It gives me power when I most need it and I want to thank you for that.

Much power & love to you!

Steli Efti


absolutely. It will be a very powerful day for my life. Not to write. not to comment. nothing. Only my thoughts and feelings - thinking about what to do. And than take action.

Lov ya!

Rich G.

Nice post, and nice idea. I think it's a good thing, not just the silence, but the thoughts that we will, each of us, fill that silence with. It's not the silence that's important as much as it is our thinking, our remembering, our healing, and our recognizing that this thing that happened was real, was important, and really did happen.

So often we don't take time to stop and let things impact us, we just move on to the next thing on our To Do list and tell ourselves we'll deal with it later, or think about it later. That is dehumanizing to us.

William Tully

It pisses me off, and yet I'm not surprised at all at the negative feedback that people have been getting. When we remember that the blogging community is a COMMUNITY, we get both the good and the bad - is everyone in your physical community solid, upstanding, and generous? Likely not. We have some fantastic people, and yes, we have some morons (it's an education blog so I'll keep it tame).

I have yet to post anything regarding Virginia Tech except for the graphic and link to a brilliant idea. Right now, it's all being said - the good, and the bad.

For what it's worth, I stand behind Steli and the intention behind the On Day Blog Silence.

Can we not, for a single god damned day, just shut the hell up? We all have a full 365 days until the 'anniversary' of what happened, can we not just be quiet for one of them or are we in jeopardy of setting a trend for other important dates like, oh I dunno, November 11, or, September 11? Will it kill the community to keep their opinions to themselves for a day, or can we not fit in all that we need to say in 364 days?

Steli, stay strong and remember, the ones who don't get it, it's their issue, not yours. Besides, the ones who know the least, they just say it the loudest.


I hope you didn't take my disagreement with the idea as "hate mail".

I just prefer to speak up, as experience has showed me that silence doesn't do much (and often hurts instead). I've done so on my blog if you'd like to take a look.

Steli Efti

Rich G,
thankx for your support and the true words.

I wishya much power!

Steli Efti


thankx for keeping it tame ;) You are such a great support to me personally and the One Blog Day Silence cause!

It´s good to know you´re with us. Let´s focus on all the great bloggers and community members :) And you are for sure one of them!


of course not. I took a look at your post and liked it very much.

Much power to all supercool people out there!



a day of silence is good, as one can consider and think to speak constructivly the next day and help stop similar atrocities occuring again.


This sounds like a wonderful idea. I'll be joining in for sure.

Steli Efti

Jamal and Andy,

thankx for the comments and the support!
Great to have you with us.

Much power!

Steli Efti

Please go and read this http://www.ewriting.pamil-visions.com/2007/04/19/virginia-tech-massacre/#comment-5282

Max Kaizen

Steli, more strength to your revolutionary heart my friend. It's not unexpected. There is always a backlash to those who shake reality out of complacency, rampant good is threatening to many.

Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
You didn't just shake your head and go deeper into numb apathy from yet another shocking assault. You did something. Good man. Keep it coming.
..and as the Hopi grandmothers say "Don't take it personally"

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