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April 01, 2007



Learning in school was for me a bondage. Because the wrong people teached me the wrong stuff. Now I just learn things that I love to learn. I feel happier and my results in buisness getting better and better. Love what you learn and learn what you love.


go with your passion even if no one else is interested


In my case all of them. School-jail, teacher-police. In this enviroment I don't think we were able to really learn. The info my teachers tried to communicate I almost forgot it and in some cases don't even remember who the teacher was.


Grades really don't matter, and you are capable of more than you think you are.

florence meichel

The Reality doesn't exist : it's only a mental construction !


Hi TonNet that sounds like me too : The info my teachers tried to communicate I almost forgot it and in some cases don't even remember who the teacher was. But that will change more and more because the teachers will become SUPERCOOL :-).


Not to "me" oriented. I have learned more when I help a friend.

Steli Efti

@halil: love this quote: "Love what you learn and learn what you love."

@Peter: that´s so true. In the minute I decided to build Supercool School - I knew that it was irrelevant what others would think of it - I would do it anyway!

@TonNet: "School-jail, teacher-police" LOL...and pricipals where the judges! My principal told me that I never would amount to anything! I was 10 years old!!! Well, he taught me how NOT to do it when I ever got power over others. I will be a supercool principal - no judging but helping the people on my school prosper!

@Tiara: I do believe that the only thing we don´t know for sure is what we are capable of!

@florence: that´s why I love the movie The Matrix. It´s such a brilliant metaphor for reality!


Steli, the Being afraid of failure problem might be the most insidious. In life (that is what we do after we've finished school) the capability to fail--which means to try stuff that doesn't work out--is one of the most important abilities a person can have. Great post! I wholeheartedly agree.

Colleen Newman

Wow! Those are powerful (and hard) lessons to unlearn. These are reoccurring themes in my life. Thanks for making me think.

Vassili efti

I am the big brother from steli. I am 8 years older and it was hard for me to see that my "little" brother want to teach me leassons like theese. I was am big fight of several years but he always try to. And I want to say " Thank You!!!! ". This leassons ( and many more ) make me, to try and achieve so many thinks, in privat and bussines!!!! I never believe that!!
I can only say to everybody there: DO IT LIKE THIS!!!!! Knowledge is everything!!!

Vita Brevis

Thanks for the courage to write this article. It has a lot of cool ideas. But man, the grammatical errors are so distracting!!!

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