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April 22, 2007


Mihaela Lica

Thank you for your support, Steli. What a surprise! ;)

Steli Efti

It´s my pleasure to help. Much power to the people!

Ariel Constantinof

Thank you for your support!

Steli Efti

You´re welcome Ariel! Much power to you!

florence meichel

Hello Steli

Thank you for this award : i'm very touched !

Guten abend and viel Fröhlichkeit ! :-)

Steli Efti

Hello Florence,

It´s my honor. Nur das beste & viel kraft wünsch ich dir ;)

Much power!


That has GOT to be one of the most rediculous things i've EVER heard! A kid tossed out of school for blogging, there MUST be something that we don't know..

Steli Efti

Hey Riply,

I agree. If you read the whole story on Mihaelas Blog you´ll see that this kid only wrote about ordinary things that happended at school without names etc.

A classmate who fell asleep and other stuff like that.

I don´t speak Romanian so I have to trust what other Romanian bloggers are saying about this kid.

And I trust them.
If I rember back to my principals in school I can imagine them doing such a stupid thing out of not knowing better.

Hopefully this kid can return back to school soon.

Much power to you!

Ponn Sabra

Hey Steli!

Thanks for drawing my attention to this issue...URGH!

I'm trying to help spread the news and hopefully bring light to our forward-charge to continue to write/blog in a 3 Part Change the World blog series that starts here:

To your continued SuperCool Success! Let me know how I can help spread more of your super-coolness, K?

Peace, Ponn


Hi there!

I always wonder if someone can find a forcefactor for me.

best regards!

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