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May 26, 2007



Steli, what a lovely tribute to your grandfather and also the deep reflection to show the lessons learned from his life.

David McQueen

This reminds me of when my grandad passed.
He was my hero, both with his good and bad side. That's who he was.


My deepest sympathy, Steli... May he rest in peace! Life and power to the berieved: You and your family! Lots of love, my friend.

Rob Jacobs

Steli, my prayers are with you and your family. Your tribute was moving and courageous. Thanks for sharing it.

Vassili efti

Hey brother,

that´s how papu live his life!!! And it´s ok!
Thank´s for your letter. He is certainly happy for this!!!


florence meichel

Hello Steli

Sincères condoléances !

Now, with your own projects, you're continuing the Efti'story of courageous pioneers ! Where he is now, i'm sure your grandfather is proud of you !

Sincerely, much power and love to you ! :-)


Hi Steli, you learned from the best like we all want to do! And your grandfather was a person who count to the best. Much love!


God's wisdom has already lead you to a perfect way to start your healing, a tribute of truth. Your Grand Dad seems like many of us. The challenge you appear to have accepted is to take his teachings and provide improvement in the areas that may have caused others pain. Thank you for sharing. I still want to post on you.


my condolences. I know it is just an on-line community but know that I am happy you had the opportunity to be influenced by him and sad you that a wonderful individual has left your life. my prayers. --clau

Steli Efti

Thankx to everyone for your sympathy. You´re wonderful! Much power & love!

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