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May 25, 2007



LOL! I was sitting here thinking how well I dodge all the memes until you threw a curve ball at me! ;) Ok, I will play. BTW, how is your adventure going? I will know for sure in two weeks but I think I'm about to follow in your foot steps o cool one.

Steli Efti

What?!? You´re about to start your own little adventure?!? Wow...that´s sooo cool! And let me tell you this: it´s worth it! I´ve learned sooo much over the last 3 weeks it´s almost unbelievable.

And yeah...it´s hard to resist a love meme isn´t it?..;)

You have to keep us up-to-date! Much power!


You are an inspiration my friend. Glad you love your freedom.

Keep on learning. Perhaps I need to have an adventure of my own.

I need to make it a goal to see how I can have an adventure.

Steli Efti

Hey Adam,

yeah - adventures ROCK!!! I mean we all have our little adventures every day...but recognizing them and getting excited about them is where the magic lies!

Looking forward to read more about your adventures in the future.

Much power to you!


I will have a story of an adventure that Lizzie, my future wife recently had, but was not the most positive adventure, but a very good read never the less. I will let you know when and were.

Steli Efti

Sounds very interesting Adam...just let us know ! Much power!

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