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August 23, 2007



What beta-testers are to do, remind me please ...

Steli Efti

They have to test ;)

No seriously, what you would have to do valentin is you'd need a facebook account and a bit time to participate in classes, test our application and give us feedback.

Oh, and not to forget having fun :)

How does that sound to you?


Facebook account .. I have one - haven`t logged in or used from ages.

Feedback - I have and if I have not enough, I know from where to get more :-P :-))

Having fun - works for me, is my 24/7 "job", seeking for fun :-))

Are you sure there won`t be any medical examinations ?
If not, count me in.
If yes, count me in twice, I have 2 personalities - i`m about to develop a third one :-P :-))


Steli Efti

Oh valentin - in your case we'll have to make
an exception and try some medical beta tests ;)


“In a completely rational society, teachers would be at the tip of the pyramid, not near the bottom. In that society, the best of us would aspire to be teachers, and the rest of us would have to settle for something less. The job of passing civilization along from one generation to the next ought to be the highest honor anyone could have.”

- Lee Iacocca in his new book "Where have all the Leaders Gone"

Armand Rousso

I think consuming information is what actually education means. People are indeed researching information all time and they are educating themselves.

Armand Rousso


@ Armand

I think education means much much more than consuming information.

At a simple basic level, education may mean at least to know what information to consume ...

@ Ramin

"and the rest of us would have to settle for something less."
And who is entitle by who to nominate who supose to setle for less ?
On the other hand, isn`t above quote extremly dangerous as promoting to have less desires to make progress ?
Actualy, the quote is exactly what`s happening now - 'Stay at your level, you are not elite so look down for your progress .. you don`t like it ? Well, take it or leave it !'


Hi Valentin,

I can see you're highly opposed to "stay at your level cause you ain't elite" - and that's great! Nothing worse than being mediocre (except being lousy...)

Progress comes from inspiration, and I believe nothing is as inspiring as being around inspiring people.

And that's the core message of that Iococca quote for me: Make sure teachers are inspiring people and have the freedom to inspire. No child should be forced to sit in a classroom where some dull John Doe is making him memorize meaningless facts.


I'm interested.


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