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September 28, 2007



Don`t be too hard to yourself, man;-) The most important thing is that you were not unproductive.I look forward to see the results soon, CU in November!!! Yeaah...

florence meichel

Welcome back Steli !

Nice to hear from you here !

Sometimes changes are so big inside that's it's difficult to share something with other people and to be open ! That's what i've learned from my own experience ! :-)

Just a question of time and self-construction !

Much power to you Steli !

Adam Donkus

Welcome back, I was just thinking about you the other day...I figured you were busy with the school.


Steli, I had in plans to try to reach you thru email and mbl this weekend.

Welcome back, I missed your posts.

What`s new about SCS ?

Steli Efti

Hi Guyz! Nice to see ya all here :)

@Lefti: Yeah man! Am working my butt of here to get Supercool School started ASAP!!!! Really looking forward to see you next month in SF bro!!!

@Florence: Absolutely my dear! Looking forward to share with all of you what we've been working on lately! Much power to you too!

@Adam: Yeah bro! I'm putting all my focus on Supercool School right now. As I said - looking forward to get your feedback once we're ready!

@Valentin: Hey broo! We are at the last meters of the "launch-marathon" and are seeing the finish-line...will ping ya when we get there ;)

To ALL OF YOU: Keep kicking ass and rockin' hard!

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