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November 06, 2007



Congrats! I was very moved by your story. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there.

Adam Donkus

congrats, so are you going to find a deserving youth to give the seat to?

Steli Efti

Hey Dhrumil,

thank you so much for your nice words. I really appreciate it!

Adam my friend,

yeah of course. I'm organizing a workshop next week with pathwaysforkids.org and will hopefully find the right kid for this chance!!!

I will keep you guyz up to date!



As espected. Or at least as I hope will happen.

I hope also that at the end of lunch you`ll remind to Jerry to NOT stop competing with google ...

ps : Allmost to forget .. Please, don`t challenge Jerry to a "Who drinks more beers" contest. He`ll win. Dare a bet ?

Steli Efti

Hehehe...oh Valentin!
Bro, I won't even meet Jerry because I will give my lunch seat as a gift to a kid!!! And I hope that the kid would loose if he'd challenge Jerry to a drink contest ;)

But it's an unusual comment as usual! Take care and keep kicking ass!

Hector Jarquin

Much power Steli! keep touching lives. Its very impressive how an action can really change lives, very touching and inspiring story! Way to go!


Whooo! Congrats! This is great. Hope to see something from your workshop and a follow up interview with the kid.
SCS rocks!

Steli Efti

Hector & Ramin: THANKX GUYZ!!! Your support and passion is really appreciated on this blog and in my life!

Much power to you!

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