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May 20, 2008


florence meichel

If I can do more, say it Stelli !

This project looks like you : that's probably why so many people joins it !

Take care : the life road is long !

Much power and love to you !

Jon Bischke

Dude, thank you. Seriously. You and the other online ed entrepreneurs I've had the pleasure to meet (Farb@Grockit, Rob@Cramster, Robert@ziizoo, Alex@eNotes, etc.) are all inspirations to me and proof that "innovation" and "education" can indeed co-exist. You guys are all rock stars in my mind.

Steli Efti

Hey Florence,
thank you sooo much for your continuous support for Supercool School! You are incredible and inspirational to our whole team :-)

it's an honor to me to be in such great company with all of you crazy education entrepreneurs!!!! You Guyz ROCK!

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