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July 18, 2008



We celebrated his birthday here in Berlin too at the Brandeburg Gate. We met Mr. Goldberg who spent 22 years of his life in prison in South Africa because he was fighting against Apartheit.

And another cool thing happened: during the celebration the crowd suddenly started to shout out another name with joy: Barack Obama.

Steli Efti

Wow! Really cool Ramin :) Saw the new blog and pics...good work!

I can tell you first hand that the excitement for Obama is simply amazing in the states...he really inspires a whole nation...change is in the air...


Good to hear that. I remember being in New York a couple of months ago, I didn't met many people who liked Obama, it was more of a Hillary town.

People kept talking stuff like: "If he get's elected, he's gonna get assasinated, so I better not vote for him".


I think that's pretty supercool learning:
in Thailand medical students learn anatomy by singing karaoke.
Check out the video:


just came from Obama's speech in Berlin.
Pretty boring speech I have to say honestly, but the atmosphere was great - lots of good vibes, many cool people there.

Steli Efti

hahaha...awesome video bro! thx for sharing! and WOW to you being in Berlin for the Obama speech...sad to hear it was boring but GREAT to hear that the vibes and people where so good :)

I read 200k people came to see him!?!?! Not too shabby for a not-yet-president!

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