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August 24, 2008


Steli Efti

Hey Alberto,

great video post!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and asking a very important question. Let me share one idea I have about reducing the digital gap: how about programs where people from "rich" countries teach people from "poor" countries for free?

This is something that we want to see eventually on Supercool School. A program that let's people "donate" their knowledge instead of their money.

Any thoughts on that?

florence meichel

Hi Alberto
Great video : it's nice to see you and to hear from you...my english is not perfect too ! lol but it's enough to communicate with people and to explain what are my ideas...i work in order to improve my english level ! :-)

Anyway, i think we have the same problem in all countries...it's NOT a problem of technologies : it's a problem of CULTURE and paradigmes...In fact it's a question of CHANGE everywhere in the world !

I think that we have to create environments where people feel their responsibilities in these big changes...learning and helping people to learn is the responsibility of everyone, not just the responsibility of institutions...we have to create environnements where people can build new solidarities between eachother...Technologies can help but the most important is to build a consciouness of this new paradigme !

Maybe we can develop some great collaborative projects between people in order to build links, bridges and of course new meanings...maybe all what we are doing now lacks of sense...We maybe have to build a vision of an human and global future in order to engage energies around this vision ? For exemple, i think we could work on the universal right of the cyber citizen included in the declaration of the rhuman right...it could be one step to begin to talk about these new solidarities, to build this collective vision and a way to facilitate the emergence of this consciousness ?

Roberto Beni Jakob

Thank you for raising this question! Indeed much more people with an interest in how to improve our Society, in our close environments are needed. As you said there is plenty technology available as well as an endless sea of information. Getting to any information will not take as very far! Just look at the ratings of TV! I think that encouraging those around us in the educational, academic and third sector not just to start debate, but mainly to start acting on change in their inmediate surroundings with personal examples, may have a larger significant input than wait for the Governments to do the job by tunneling budgets making sure they will get where you would like them to go..In Argentine e.g. you have not even a reliable government statitical office which is the basis for any planning. The new generation of mobiles may do more for the technical knowhow of the "masses" and much quicker than we may think, but this does nothing in the direction of what information would be used and how? And this is for me the real question that we need to address. For this dialogue and public debate is a must.
Wish you much success with your good work! Roberto Beni Jakob

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