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August 23, 2008


Steli Efti

Great post guys!!! Sometimes I wonder if NOT being an expert helps you be more creative in a field. Not being bound by the rules, the "established" ways of doing things is an accelerator of true creativity - isn't it?

Almost every field, every market, every area in which we operate in suffers from an "effect" I call "Mind Incest".

Too many ppl, coming from the same background, studying the same things, reading the same books, thinking in the same patterns...killing creative new solutions...

To put it plainly: I am wondering how someone can become and expert in an area and at the same time prevent from operating in clear cut boundaries that might restrict his/her creativity in this field?

Gabriel Kent

I agree with the sentiment of this post and believe it contains an interesting point not specifically stated:

Schools should allow students the freedom to explore what captures their interest, even if at home the parents impose their own desires on their children.

.hj barraza

aaaah ! great question
about a year ago i met this old man Pedro Ramirez, an arquitect he was mad at young people (architects) because they all knew the same, thus they all produced the same.

The fuel of creativity is diversity, when people combine different backgrounds,(social, cultural, and education, etc) they are able not only to see things differently but also manage to produce differently.

I posted a comment a while ago, telling how some of my teachers got mad at me cuz i didn't used the same sources (expensive books) as most of my class. It was one of the best accidents i had (not having money for books) because it forced me to find new resources, and bring new ideas to the table.

Some teachers, gave A's some of them did almost all they could the fail me. All because i didn't stick to the sources.

Education and training (in any field and level) MUST stop treating individuals as mass production objects, they ARE individuals and need learn as such. As ken robinson states, each individual needs to find its medium and master it.

I never understood math, even Alfonso tried several times to help, i was helpless i didn't see the numbers or graphics in my mind. Until one day coding with processing.org i discovered the mandelbrot set. and by writing code and visualising the results i managed to understand perfectly a math function.

pencil and paper where not my medium, it was generative art which taught me math,

in brief,
to be an experts and be creative, we need to educate and foster diversity among individuals

.hj barraza

Gabriel says: "Schools should allow students the freedom to explore what captures their interest"

And schools should also adapt the students learning process, and make it interesting. such as the role playing game - based ideas which you talked before.

not every child is ok with listening reading or writing, human interaction and perceptions are way beyond this simple tasks

florence meichel

For me, you are creativ when you are able to break the patterns...it's not a question of being an expert or not...it's a question of openess and art of linking things with other things, ideas with other ideas in unusual ways...i agree with Steli : meeting different people with different cultures, and sharing ideas, experiences, projects, etc, with them is the best way to develop your own creativ skills !


To Steli's point about being an expert can stifle creativity, I disagree. I think that you have to be an expert so that you know how far you can push whatever your expertise is in. If you are an expert soccer player, to steal Dehesa's example, you have to be an expert at the basics before you can get flashy. You need to be an expert on basics in order to manipulate and transform your field.
Great collection of posts! I'm excited to read them all!

.hj barraza

"For me, you are creativ when you are able to break the patterns."
I would add the hability to PRODUCE, (to create), to put it simple, creativity is applied imagination.

You can think of X amountof different and new things, but you wont be creative until you actually create, (share your thoughts and apply them outside your own mind )

florence meichel

That's right HJ ! :-)

alfonso dehesa

i guess its not only in schools that we need to make a change but in a person's education as a whole. that would include the parents as well or any influence in the upbringing of anyone.

Steli Efti

Josh you got a point. I agree that you have to master the "basics" or build a foundation to be able to unleash the power of a medium/field/skill...like learning the scales before you are able to improvise a blues solo on the guitar. On the other hand...sometimes someone has no way of learning the basics and comes up with amazing alternatives based on that restrictions...you know...sometimes ignorance let's people do amazing things simply because they didn't know "it's being done" or "what can't be done".

I am wondering about the dynamics of "lack of knowledge" and creativity as well as "lack of resources" and creatity.

Any thoughts?

.hj barraza

well im dont know about "lack of knowledge" but Im really in intrested the lack of established paradigms...

a mind free of "scientific blindness"


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