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August 23, 2008


florence meichel

I feel so closed with this point of vue ! Yes we really have lot of responsability : technologies are not magical...just some tool...that's what we make whith these tools which has value...or NOT...everyone has to think about his ethical values, his sense of live, his rights : we could become the senses of the machine...is that what we want ?


florence meichel

Sorry not the good one ! :-(


Ludo (marc alier)

The teacher using ICT in front of the students, sets an example on how is it done. Like a father while driving a car does. To use a computer implies a resposability of doing it propertly.
Why I am saying that ? Any ideas?

florence meichel

Really Sorry !


Gabriel Kent

I think the questions from this post stem from the cold-start problem: how do we do x when we need some y but y requires some x?

This problem is prominent in Economics and typically the best case studies involve a free market (freedom to act in one's own interest) and a bit of time to adjust.

The freest possible market is important because it allows the market to react faster and more fluid (empirically).

The bit of pain, er, adjustment is simply a universal law, nature does not begin in an ideal space-time (configuration), its always happening here and now and evolves from that.

Steli Efti

It all comes back to being authentic. If you can't walk the talk, nobody will follow. Especially not kids. If you don't understand and love something, how can you expect your students to do so? It's the same old "do what I say, not as I do" thing. Never works. Never will. But that's the tough part about teaching people. It's easy to understand something and to tell others what to do. It's though to do it yourself.

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