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August 23, 2008


Vicki Davis

Hey, Jeff. Thank you for the mention.

Many say that the term "wiki" itself puts people off and that we should use other terms like "collaborative environment" or "easy to edit web page."

What do you say to those who oppose this proliferation of terminology such as "wiki" and "blog" into education?


I really like your point regardin the Indianhead Int. School: "What a great way to start students thinking about digital management and creating information on the web. Students learn early about their digital footprint and learn how to control information that belongs to them."

Digital natives are of course much more acustomed to swimm in cyberspace, but many don't learn it in with the choaching/scafforlding of educators and i think that is quite important. I see educating for digital (social) literacy as a key mission to be integrated in our educational system!
I have been fortunate to work with Howard Rheingold to develop an Social Media Collaboratory and a course designed to train learners in and inquire about social life online (virtual communities & social media usage)

check out the syllabus @ http://socialmediaclassroom.com/vircom08/wiki/texts

and a little video @ http://blip.tv/file/1186946

we will release the classroom as super easy install and the materials as Open Educational Resource. Contact me @ [email protected] if you want to be notified when we start the community of practice and let the baby loose

.hj barraza

Now what happens for the next generation of students?

• Do they have to start all over again -or-
• Continue from where the previous group left.

My natural response would be to continue, but after a couple of generations, wouldn't the wiki be in a point in which it can't be enriched that much and it would turn itself into a reference point only ?

Gabriel Kent

@.hj Well that is the beauty of Open Source Education, no?

When a wiki reaches the point where a topic seems completely covered, is it really? And will it be next month? Will there not be any new information?

Even then, if successful, it serves as a way for one set of students to begin learning and another to review and expand.

Jeff Utecht

We need to get over the name change. It's not the name it's the tool. It's not the tool...it's the learning it allows. People spend to much time with the name of a piece of software. If it was named something else I would still use it for what it does, not because of what it's named. A wiki is so versatile that calling it something like "collaborative environment" would lead one to believe that you have to use it that way. When if you wanted to you could use it as just a plan website. You don't have to allow collaboration, but the function is there if you want it.

It depends on the teacher. I know some teachers that delete the wiki and start fresh every year while others allow each new class to add the existing body of knowledge. It's up to the teacher and who's to say one way is right or wrong. I see benefits in both and it does depend on the topic as well. A topic like current events would be much easier to continue to add information to then say Algebra.


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