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April 17, 2009



Having money means you have the opportunity to be influenced by many more experiences that a person without means does not. Which is an indicator of environmental stimuli rather than genetics.

In the technology age that we live in, it is even easier for those that are less fortunate to get an education and make something of themselves.
Take the example of William Kamkwamba’s, the young lad from Africa who built a windmill that supplies electricity to his village. (http://www.williamkamkwamba.typepad.com/)

William is an example of someone that would not let the fact that he was poor, from stopping him from learning.

In my opinion, we place too much importance on IQ testing anyway. How many times have I come across a person with a high IQ who has done so little with what they have been given.

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we are, as social being, capable of do almost anything, genetics is just a little factor that can affect the percentage of IQ.


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