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January 02, 2010


Steli C

Hey Steli, hier ist Steli, oder sollte ich schreiben here is Steli...vielleicht hast du die deutsch schon verlörnt...
It's amazing what you have done! Euro told me about it. Nice that you have so much cohones to do this.
Actually, I was looking for you in the www cause I'm gonna visit your adoptive home in April. I will stay for 3 weeks after my participation at a conference in Asilomar.
So I was thinking maybe you can and be willing to find some time to show me a bit of San Francisco.
Or at least just meet for a drink or two!
Maybe you can send me your email adress or something so I can contact you.
Alles gute Steli!


Hey Steli - great to hear from you buddy :) just send you an email... its steli at supercool school dot com - looking forward to catch up with you here in sf!

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