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March 24, 2010


Martin Frönmark

Great pitch, guys!

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Thx Martin :)

George Machlan

Great intro to Supercoolschool. While I am happy with where I am at as simply a teacher I will follow and learn from your excellent model and example. Thanks for being part of the solution for the future of education.

Too bad that Bjoern couldn't get a little face time. Those reading this blog take note: Bjoern is your day in - day out support geek and he is the "cool" part of the Super cool school. ;-)


Great job, guys... And the best about it: It is so TRUE and powerful! I love you, rock on...

Steli Efti

Thanks for all your support guys - YOU (and of course our Supercool Principal Bjoern) are what makes this startup SUPERCOOL :) Rock on!!!

Mihai Mafteianu

Congrats! Great pitch.

Claus Houlberg

This is just the beginning ...

Indi Jones


Steli Efti

Thanks for all the kind words and support!!! Please spread the word about Supercool School and help us build a movement for the future of education :)

Gagan Biyani

Great pitch guys - way to spread the dream!


Very good! I love this. Innovation at its best. Exactly what I need.
Lydia in the Bahamas.

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Superschool great Intro!!

Samantha Curtis

Online schooling is such a big help for individuals who have a busy schedule. It is provides easy access and makes life easier. Superb work guys! Keep it up.

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