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March 23, 2010


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I am student I want become a teacher . When I see this article I think its really helpful for me, for regarding may carrier...
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Unfortunately Ed, too many master's in education do not amount much for the teachers who earn them.

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Really awesome software dude, so now we can create and teach the students in very simple way..........

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Does this not take away the ability for children to increase their social skills by interacting with other kids? Think its a great solution for bridging different geographically diverse locations though.

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very happy to hear this news, i was always looking for some new technological ways to teach my children, which gives them a chance to learn new technology by them self as well learning the basics of education.

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Hey what's up?! Listen, I tried to access to your entries through the links at the right side of the screen but I was not able, instead, I was sent to a blank page... does any one know what kind of trouble is that and how to solve it?

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Online Schooling will be more convenient for the kids to do.

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Today Online schools are so popular because of it's flexibility and availability and also accessable from any part of the world.

Online language schools are also very useful,one doesn't need to go anywhere,can just learn a language at Home with a cup of tea/coffee.

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Thanks for such an informative article, it's been very useful.

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Very informative review. I really appreciate how ways were laid. Very interesting.

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